Book 2: The Forgotten City

9781760080433_Forgotten City_coverThe battle is over. The war begins.

Scorpia City enters a new era. The Androts have fallen and the gangsters rule.

The Trackers stand scarred but together, unaware that a new threat stalks them from the shadows of a dying world. A nightmare from Silho’s past returns to claim her, driven by an evil more formidable than anything the team has faced before. The Indemeus X has risen.

As the team is ripped apart, new alliances are forged, enemies unite and friendships fall apart. Diega and Shawe fight to survive a new and violent world, while Eli ventures into the darkest levels of the city, making a shocking discovery that will change everything.

Meanwhile in a forgotten place built on secrets and lies, a city spirals into madness, and hope emerges from the darkness.

The Forgotten City is the second book in The Demon War Chronicles. The first book, The Last City, is available now.

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2 Responses to Book 2: The Forgotten City

  1. Jayden Conti says:

    Hi Nina! You most certainly–probably–don’t remember me: I made a comment some months (maybe years? not sure) ago on this website when I read The Last City (about how wonderful it was, of course!). I finally got around to reading The Forgotten City and it completely blew me away! I had seriously high expectations after reading the first book, and you did NOT disappoint. More of the same loveable characters, some equally entrancing new ones, and–my personal favourite aspect of this series–an overwhelmingly diverse and richly detailed universe. You took the series to new heights with this sequel, the likes of which I could not have fathomed prior to reading it. I must admit, the first book made me love Aquais and its characters so much that, at first, I was very sceptical about delving into the new worlds. But those doubts quickly vanished as the seemingly divided story lines interwove steadily, and with subtle beauty. You managed to solidify my emotional attachment to individual characters, while at the same time trivialising all of that with this looming universal threat. The sheer scope of this series is phenomenal, and what’s more phenomenal still is your ability to wield it so deftly! I’m struggling to convey with words just how much I love this book–perhaps I could say: I love it as much as I hate it, for dragging me irrevocably into an unfinished story! Please please PLEASE tell me that you’re working on a conclusion to or even a continuation of this series.

    • ninadaleo says:

      Hi Jayden! I definitely remember you! And thank you so much for writing again. I am so happy to hear that you liked The Forgotten City! Writing Book 2 in a series can be nerve-wracking, so it’s wonderful to hear such lovely feedback. You’ve made my day again! 🙂 Book 3 is definitely on the way – hopefully out 2015! 🙂 Many thanks again and best wishes! xx

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